Unlocking Innovation – How to Empower a Neurodiverse Workforce

This FREE webinar will take place,

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

4.00pm (AEST)

It has never been more difficult to find high quality talented and STEM skilled individuals than right now. The time has come to explore new ways of working and create opportunities to successfully integrate neurodiverse talent into teams to access a wider talent pool offering your business more access to the vital STEM skills you need.

This 1 hour session is intended to give participants the opportunity to understand the value of hiring neurodiverse talent and how this can lead to better outcomes for business.

Hear from experienced practitioners that have embraced the change and how they have worked with people on the spectrum to deliver high quality outcomes.

The auticon team;

Bodo Mann

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer,

auticon Australia


Ivonne Ranisch

Commercial Director

auticon Australia


Meredith Ward

Senior Job Coach

auticon Australia


Hear from our panel as they talk about their own experiences working with talented autistic individuals;

Chris Liebert

Commercial Manager, Enterprise Public Sector, Small Medium Corporate and ISV Hosting



Courtney Pond (she/her)

Group Inclusion & Diversity Manager



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