Cybersecurity: How secure are you?

auticon’s approach to cybersecurity consulting


auticon provides cybersecurity consultants that work to improve the security of our client’s software system. Our methods align with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), dedicated to enabling client organizations to develop, acquire, operate, and maintain secure and trusted applications.

Penetration testing (also called Pentesting or ethical hacking) is our strategy for testing a computer system, network, or application to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Our primary objective is to identify weak spots in an organisation’s security environment and culture. We measure the overarching security policy’s effectiveness and response to security incidents to accomplish this.

Scanning code and systems for potential manipulations is critical to our success. Generating rules and regulations that are clear and straightforward, with definitions so that adherence can be ensured, and misuse prevented. This is where auticon autistic consultants thrive, with a pronounced passion for order and integrity.

Lastly, security evaluations allow us to identify any gaps in our client’s systems. Where does the security concept fall short? auticon consultants have an unusually comprehensive talent for assessing IT security procedures and rendering these bulletproof.

auticon has built a robust PenTesting approach as part of our Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence:

  • Preliminary Diagnostic
  • Advanced Diagnostic
  • Penetration Testing
  • Assessment
  • Reporting

Leveraging the cognitive benefits of autism

As an autism-majority company, 100% of our cybersecurity consultants are on the autism spectrum, which provides outstanding cognitive and performance benefits to clients. Our teams have extraordinary cognitive abilities that offer exceptional value in the cybersecurity space. Logic, speed, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot security weaknesses provide a uniquely autistic perspective.

Ensuring your success

Our job coaches, project managers, and support staff act as a liaison between the client and the autistic consultant, working hand-in-hand to communicate timelines, manage expectations, resolve needs, and ensure the ultimate success of your project.

Security breaches and hacking are a continuing threat

The average World Penetration Rate was 63.2% of users globally for Q3 of 2020
Data suggests that cybercrime costs businesses $2 trillion total in 2019 – Juniper

As cybersecurity consultants, our responsibilities may include:

  • Audit client systems to ensure the protection of those systems, information resources, and data within
  • Monitor, track, and analyse networks/systems for potential security violations or anomalies
  • Investigate potential security violations and report accordingly
  • Perform vulnerability assessments, manual configuration reviews, and event analysis
  • Conduct incident investigation and analysis and tests security products and systems to detect security weaknesses
  • Install, configure, deploy, integrate, operate and maintain security toolsets
  • Assess and detect network vulnerabilities
  • Maintain security system infrastructure
  • Maintain awareness of cyber trends, threats, and vulnerabilities