Nelson gets recognised for his outstanding work with auticon’s financial services clients.

Earlier this month, auticon consultant Nelson Qiu was recognised for his outstanding achievements working with one of our financial services clients. Nelson was part of a team that worked on the delivery of an Audience Builder tool within the organisations Marketing Technology department. He worked as a Data Analyst on the project.

The client specifically recognized both Nelson and the team for their efforts on the project, auticon also recognized Nelson’s efforts within the monthly Tech Chat session.

Nelson was elated by the news and grateful to both his team and his colleagues.

“Words alone can’t describe how I feel being formally acknowledged for the work I contributed into one of our client’s many project teams, particularly MarTech,” said Nelson.

“My primary focus has been less about being recognized and more about getting the job done, though of course, I’m no less honored by how highly our client thinks of me as an Analyst.”

He reflected on his role in the project and the team approach they took in establishing and solving problems as they occurred.

“I am really happy to have been a big part of the testing and quality assurance side of operations for the MarTech team project.

“[The team members] were content with my findings and outputs, and my approach to ensuring that specifications fulfill stakeholder requirements.

“I relayed any issues that come up to the team, along with personal input where appropriate. We then worked together to understand anything that went wrong and how to go about fixing the issue such that stakeholder requirements were met.”

He also spoke about how auticon helped to support him through his professional development and guided him in building a strong relationship with the client.

“While I wasn’t sure how things would play out for me when I joined auticon, I’m grateful to them for allowing me the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities.

“If it wasn’t for them and their support, I feel I wouldn’t be in the position I am now, much less with a client that is happy to have me on board to contribute to their projects, with the end results exceeding their expectations,” he concluded.

Nelson Qiu join auticon 9 months ago and is building on his strengths and is enjoying working in an environment built around developing autistic talent.

If you or someone you know is on the autism spectrum and skilled in information technology, please encourage them to contact auticon to learn more about working with us.

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