Recruitment process

In the first step you send us your cover letter and resume.

Informal chat
After examining your documents, we will invite you to an informal video chat with one of our job coaches. At the same time, we will send you a questionnaire for a self-assessment of your IT knowledge. After the informal chat, we will decide whether we invite you to the skills assessment phase, in which we will determine your professional suitability for the desired position.

Skills Assessment
This stage involves cognitive skills tests and coding tests. You will also have a technical chat with one of our project managers or senior consultants via a video call. The results of the tests and your technical chat will be used to decide whether we invite you to the preparation phase.

Preparation workshop
The preparation phase involves a three day workshop that takes place at the auticon office. You will attend with 3 to 5 other candidates. The preparation workshop is an opportunity for you to learn more about auticon.  You will also participate in training sessions on workplace scenarios, group activities, logical tests and a one on one coaching session with one of our job coaches. In this way you will be well prepared for your future work with our customers. You can contribute your own questions and experiences. At the same time, you learn to work in teams, to master stressful situations and to apply your strengths in a targeted manner.

You want to apply? Here you find all open positions for IT consultants on the autism spectrum.