Autackathon – a hackathon but not what you’re expecting

On 24 September, auticon will launch their very first autackathon, a hackathon designed by people on the autistic spectrum to test the skills of anyone wanting to explore a career in software engineering, cyber security, quality assurance, or data analytics.

Autackathon is a series of somewhat gamified challenges that require participants to solve problems and while there are winners, it’s not a competition. The challenges help auticon to understand the skill level of participants in a desired area of ​​expertise. If a participant can demonstrate a certain skill level, they may be suitable to become an auticon IT consultant. This makes autackathon a virtual skills-based job interview, without the actual interview!

The challenges are designed to be interesting and fun. You don’t need to want to come join the auticon team to give it a go, all are welcome. However, our most successful autackers will be encouraged to apply for a role with auticon.

You can tackle autackathon as a team or an individual, so if you want to get a crew together to thrash out a means to attack autackathon, then go for it!

Autackathon consists of series of scenarios that are based around four core skill groups: software engineering, cyber security, quality assurance and data analytics. The scenarios are based on either solving a problem or breaking a system within certain rules or parameters.

auticon as an organization is constantly reviewing recruitment practices to ensure that we can uncover the potential in autistic talent. This involves finding new and creative ways to encourage participation by autistic people in the hiring process. Autackathon creates a friendly environment and inspires all participants to have a go and try out their skills.

To take part, all you need to do is register and we’ll email you with everything you need to know ahead of the start date. You won’t need to leave the privacy of your own home to participate, as everything you need is online.

Autackathon starts 24 September but it doesn’t close until the end of the weekend giving you all the time you need to get stuck into the problems.

If you would like to register simply fill in the below form to sign up.

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